Monday, December 17, 2007

Not intended for braces

So, my teeth are definitely moving...a lot. My braces are rubbing new holes all over the place. I had to go stock up on wax again. I should've snagged the free stuff from my ortho last week but didn't think I needed it. Anyway, one of the spots where the surgical hook is rubbing has now turned into a canker sore. This product looked like it could do the trick. These are the weirdest things I've ever seen. You stick this disc (that isn't much thinner then a Skittle) on the sore until it adheres itself to your mouth. It then dissolves and numbs the area. It didn't take long for it to stick to my braces and lodge itself on a bracket. I think I"ll stick to Zilactin from now on. Just a helpful hint for all the metal mouths out there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Adjustment #2

I can't believe it was already time for another adjustment today. Time is flying by. So, the powerchain didn't do as much as I hoped for. It helped to turn out one of the bottom teeth a bit. There is one stubborn bottom tooth that is pretty crooked since I waited so long to get my wisdom teeth out. So, the powerchain came off and they put wire ties on. Man, this better do the trick. It is so tight that I don't see how it couldn't. Thank goodness I had Advil in my purse because it already started to throb when I left. No pain, no gain! We looked at the pictures that I took on the first day and already there is pretty significant change in my bite. My teeth that were turned in so much are beginning to stand up straight. It's always reassuring to see progress. I was hoping for the tooth colored wire on top, but my bottom teeth need to catch up to the top so they left it alone this time.
I finished my last final for this semester. Only one more to go! I can't believe graduation is just around the corner. I have one correspondence class to complete during the Christmas break and then 3 classes in the spring. My best advice to any of you in college is to stay with it and finish the first time around. My "break" that only supposed to be a semester turned into three years. At least it is almost over with. It'll be nice not to have night school anymore!