Friday, January 9, 2009

Hair today, gone tmmw

I know my last post was the "farewell" but I have something else to share. The past couple of months, I've noticed my hair falling out A LOT more than normal. It didn't really bother me at first, but it hasn't stopped. I went to my hairdresser last night (who I haven't seen in three months) and he noticed a big change. He mentioned this and I've read it on several websites that patients might experience a dramatic change in hair loss 3-6 months after a major surgery. WHAT?! So, I'm not bald, but it is a lot thinner than I'm used to. He did say that he could see new growth, so it wasn't anything permanent. He suggested doing two 60 day cycles of Nioxin and to schedule an appointment with a dermotologist just to make sure it isn't anything like a thyroid problem or anemia. Just when I thought all this surgery stuff was over! I've also stopped using shampoos with sodium laurel sulfate (which is in most shampoos) since it is really harsh on hair. I also had him color my hair back to my natural color for the first time since I was in seventh grade! No more blonde for now. I think a rest from hi-lights will do some good too. Just thought some of you might have had this happen to you.