Friday, April 27, 2012

New Supplements to Aid in Recovery

Recovery from jaw surgery is tough.  Your diet is limited, your overall nutrition is lacking, and the frustration of trying to get well can be a little on the challenging side.  I found a new line of supplements that I wish were around when I was in the healing stage!  These are perfect for patients that are banded/wired shut and need a good way to make sure they are getting optimum nutrition.  Smoothies and shakes are great, but the Bio Source Essentials liquid vitamin is a complete and pharmaceutical grade supplement that gives you everything you need.  I'm also in love with the Super Greens!  Berry is my favorite flavor, but it is also available in Strawberry Kiwi and Chocolate.  Just add a scoop to a glass of water or mix it in your smoothie.  You'll get the amount of antioxidants found in 45 servings of fruit and vegetables.  It will aid in repair, recovery, digestion (which can be a difficult when you start back on solid foods), and much more.  If you are having difficulty sleeping, having anxiety during the recovery process, or just need a little help relaxing, give the Calming Cream a try.  It will settle you right down and let you rest. 
All of these products can be found on the MaxTotalHealth site here