Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dr. Q visit

I saw my oral surgeon today. Everything still looks good. Not much to report. He gave my boyfriend the low down of what he'll have to take care of after surgery. He forgot to mention that Clay will have to be responsible for keeping up with my blog! Oh, there is some good news. He thinks that because he is taking out quite a bit on the top that it will really help me breathe better through my nose which would be awesome. He also said that I should be in the hospital no longer than two days. It would be great to be home in time to watch 4th of July fireworks on the back porch (they should be extra pretty under the influence of pain killers!). So, no molds this time. They scheduled that and xrays on the 19th. Then I go for my pre-op physical on the 26th, then surgery on the 2nd. It will be here before I know it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Wow, I guess I will need to start bleeding money. I FINALLY talked to the lady at the surgeon's office about how much my portion of this whole fiasco will be. She was supposed to have gotten back to me a month ago and left messages sounding irritated when I called to follow up. Anyway, looks like my portion is going to be around $7k since insurance isn't going to cover the genioplasty. So, add that to the $7500 for braces and I could have bought a small car with that! It makes my stomach hurt to think about it. I keep telling myself its a small price to pay for everything they are doing. Thank goodness for finance plans!

Tic Tock

The weeks are going by so fast. Yesterday was the t-minus six weeks mark. I went to orthodontist this morning and they won't see me again until the day before surgery. I thought the hooks I had on my braces already would be all that I get, but I've been corrected. I'll go in the day before to have bigger hooks put on. Great, the ones I have still leave huge raw spots on the insides of my mouth. I go see Dr. Quaroni next Thursday to make the molds and do x-rays. Its getting close! Happy healing to Heather and Leah!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nose problems

You would think my face is melting or something. It seems as though the nose has gotten worse. It may not be as bad as Cameron here, but it has definitely moved a lot since high school. While I was at home on Mothers Day, my mom showed me a picture from my senior year and my nose was pretty much in the center and wider. Now, not so much. I guess since my doctor pointed it out to me, I think about it a lot more. It has become much more difficult to breath through it over the years and the tip is really leaning to the left. Have any of you had or know someone who has had surgery to correct a deviated septum? My surgeon thinks that my jaw surgery could help open up my nostrils a bit since they are no bigger than slits. I emailed a plastic surgeon that I went to a couple of years ago after a little accident where I had split my chin. He also operates out of the same hospital that my oral surgeon does. I'm going to see what he thinks. Man, I really could have a new face after all this is said and done. Scary!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I finally graduated on Friday. I can't believe it's over! No more summer school, night school, correspondence, term papers, or group projects. One milestone down...