Monday, May 11, 2009

Confusion at the driver's license office

So, this year I could have renewed my driver's license online but my picture is at least 7 years old. I needed a new pic with my new face on it! I forgot how much I loathe the DPS office. No matter what time of day, what day of the week it is, it is packed. It took an hour (which was suprisingly fast) to get mine done. First off, I didn't see the last numbers on the vision test. The guy passed me anyway since they were close (I said 6 and it was a 8). However, it was a lot blurrier than I admitted to so I REALLY need to get my eyes checked. Then, he asked my all my documents (my insurance, my social security card, and my old driver's license). He looked at my old license, looked at me, looked at the license, and looked at me with a really puzzled face. I asked if something was wrong and he said, "you look totally different, what did you do to your face?" He quickly said he wasn't being rude but that it looked like a completely different person in my license. I smiled and just told him a got a new one. I guess I forget sometimes what a big change my surgery made...for the better of course!

p.s. in addition to my post about my hair falling out awhile ago, its finally coming back. I just wanted to reassure anyone that reads this with the same problem. My hairdresser said it was tons better than the last time I saw him six weeks ago.