Monday, October 20, 2008

Other good news

I have finally gotten all my bills straigtened out with the insurance company! I will be getting a reimbursement from Dr. Quaroni's office that will be used to pay the anesthesiologist and the hospital. Dr. Q's office was so quick to issue the payment once we talked it over with one of the ladies at my insurance company. I feel so much better. That is a huge relief!

On a side note: According to my representative at United Healthcare, none of the providers are supposed to collect the deductible or out of pocket maximum prior to submitting their claim to the insurance company if they are "in network". That way, claims get paid as they are submitted and you don't have to worry about getting a reimbursement to pay providers whose claims were processed first. I'm sure all insurance companies are different, but it would be a good question to ask your insurance or human resources contact before you make any kind of payment!

Still getting there...

I was so excited to go to the orthodontist this morning with hopes of making molds for my retainers. However, I was shot down. My midlines are still off so I got a band on the right side this time that I'll wear 24 hrs a day to see if that does the trick. The bottoms are great and the mold was done for permanent retainer. These dang top teeth are just being boogers. So, I go back in three short weeks and will try again. Keep your fingers crossed. If all goes well then, it looks like a brace free Thanksgiving.