Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tic Tock

The weeks are going by so fast. Yesterday was the t-minus six weeks mark. I went to orthodontist this morning and they won't see me again until the day before surgery. I thought the hooks I had on my braces already would be all that I get, but I've been corrected. I'll go in the day before to have bigger hooks put on. Great, the ones I have still leave huge raw spots on the insides of my mouth. I go see Dr. Quaroni next Thursday to make the molds and do x-rays. Its getting close! Happy healing to Heather and Leah!


Michelle said...

Hi Rachel. I bet our surgeries our going to come up quick now. Or at least I hope so (I think). Two years ago, I had surgery for a deviated septum. My nose isn't perfectly straight still but, I can breath better. My OS says that it might even get a little better after this surgery.
Now will you be wired? My OS says 2-6 weeks of being wired, freaks me out a little bit (no, alot). Hopefully we can chat a little more before our surgeries.
Take care!!

Rachel said...

My ortho told me that I would probably be wired 2-6 weeks but it all depended on how fast I heal. I'll be asking a lot of questions when I see the surgeon next week since he'll be one who decides that part.