Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Waterpics are awesome

So I forgot to mention that I got a Waterpic for Christmas. This thing is the best invention ever. This one in particular has several attachments including one especially for peeps with braces. It gets out everything! My teeth feel like I just powerwashed them all the time. Its pretty sad that I'm so excited about it, but it gets out all those pesky little bits that get jammed in my brackets. Now that I can do it without spraying water all over the bathroom mirror, its just great.
Next adjustment with the orthodontist is already next week again. I feel like I just went. I think I had some major movement in the last four weeks but I'm sure they crank them super tight again. I also have another appt with my oral surgeon in about a week. I can't believe its already been three months since that last time I saw him. Months are flying by so fast! I've already been braced for three. It feels like it was just yesterday that my mouth became bejeweled. July will be here before I know it. I just hope we stay on track for me to have my surgery then.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a safe New Year!


Leah said...

Hi Rachel,

What brand and model is your water pick? I want t get one but I kept hearing disappointing stories.


allison said...

I agree! A little bit of mouthwash in with the mix and it's nice and minty, too!