Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adjustment #5

This time was a whole lot easier then the last. My two powerchains on the bottom did the trick and they left the top alone. I now have one powerchain on the bottom across all my teeth to pull them back a bit. Hopefully, it will give me more space since my bite is pretty tight. I turned 27 yesterday and really hope that by this time next year I'll have my new face and be brace free! My next appt with the ortho is on 3/18 which is the same day as my appt with the oral surgeon. I'll be getting my "surgical" wires and set the surgery date! Pretty exciting.


Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a great day!
Glad to hear your appt. wasn't too bad.
It is exciting getting a surgery date... I'm hoping to confirm mine soon!!!!

Katherine said...

Yay to progress! Things are really moving along.

Cheers to a metal free 28th bday :)

Shontell said...

Hi Rachel! Happy late LATE birthday!! ;) Good luck on that surgery date!

Heather said...

Hi Rachel! Happy belated Birthday. I just wanted to say good luck and hope everything goes as planned. I am having surgery in May for upper and lower jaw. I am going to add your blog to my list if you don't mind so I can follow your progress. Thanks and good luck!