Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm home

I got to come home this morning. The first day was pretty rough. I got really nauseated from all the drainage and my throat was super sore from the breathing tube which made it almost impossible to get anything down. Yesterday was better. I took a washcloth bath, put on some pajamas, and walked a couple of laps around the hospital. Everyone there was so incredible. I have really lucked out on this whole deal. I don't have a splint and I only have two bands. I've hit a couple of rough spots emotionally but that is bound to happen with such trauma. My pain hasn't really been that bad and my swelling is actually going down quickly. I'll post some pics tonight once I set up my Picasa. Everyone at the hospital was amazed as to how great things were going. I can talk, but I sound like a man since my throat is still swollen. The biggest change is being able to breathe through my nose. It is absolutely wonderful. I don't have to strain to keep my lips closed anymore either. It's so weird. My nostrils are opened up a bit which helps immensely. My face is already starting to itch and tingle which means the feeling is coming back. Dr. Q was also really happy that I never lost feeling in my chin after the genioplasty. I have full feeling in my bottom lip and my chin. I'm still pretty weak. I hadn't weighed myself in forever and I had been working out quite a bit before surgery. Come to find out I had already dropped 10 lbs before surgery and I'm down another 5 since then. I really need to work on eating more but it is such an ordeal and messy. It's hard to keep stuff down and I have to spit ALL the time. Clay bought me a baby suction thing so I can suction the spit. Its pretty gross. Overall, the surgery was a huge success and everything went well. My doctor was laughing because he said that I talked non-stop when they did the anesthesia until the last minute before I was out (not shocking to those who know me). Apparently, we talked about my asperations to be a nurse quite extensively. He told me he learned more about me then than ever before and I don't remember any of it. Dr. Q is awesome and I can't thank him and his staff enough. This afternoon I was taking a nap and I think I moved my jaw side to side in my sleep which caused a big surge of pain and scared me. I thought I had messed something up, but I think it okay. I'm just trying to be as careful as I can. Bruiser doesn't quite know what to think of me. It took him a couple of hours when I got to home to stop staring at me. He's finally realized its me and laid down for a nap with me on the couch. It was pretty funny at first. My mom was here and he stuck by her for most of the time until he figured things out. I'm so glad she was with me whole time as well as Clay. I know it was boring to stay in the hospital and I know Clay had to watch more chick flicks than he cared too but he did it anyway. Well, that's all for now. I'm going to go see what I want for dinner. I'm getting pretty tired of sweet shakes and Ensure. I think I'll blend some Italian wedding soup and see how that goes. Thank you for are your wonderful comments. I hope everyone recovering is doing great. Hopefully, it won't be long before I can add a countdown clock for when my braces come off! Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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Michelle Verges said...

Wow, what a great update!!! I'm so impressed that you have the energy to blog just 2-days post-op. That's really great!

Happy 4th to you, too!