Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Silence of the bands

I went to see Dr. Quaroni today for my (almost) one week post-op appt. He said everything is looking great. The bruising is minimal. It looks more like I smeared mustard on my face and forgot to wipe it off. The nose has quite the hook on the end of it, but that should relax a bit once my upper lip goes down in swelling. Things were going great until he put new bands on. They are so much tighter than the ones I had before that I really can't open my teeth at all. At least before I could fit the catheter through for eating but that is no longer an option. As for talking, its quite a bit more difficult. I was just getting to the point where people could kind of understand me but I've since been silenced. It shot down my morale because I love to talk but I see him again next week and hopefully he will reconfigure them again. On a positive note, I have gone two days without a nosebleed so I'm thinking that fiasco is over and my energy level is starting to get much better.
I've also started getting creative with what I eat so I will definitely put together a list for those of you who have surgeries coming up. The more you are prepared ahead of time, the easier your recovery goes. Also, I really think that what you eat and how active you are before surgery really plays a huge part in your body's abilitiy to heal itself. I've always been a bit of health nut and I truly believe that it makes a big difference. That's all for now.


Kam said...

Hey! I went to my pre-surgical work up today, and I mentioned you (that you were Austin based). My doctor asked who did your surgery, I replied with a "Oh, I think his name starts with a Q" and he was like "Oh, Quaroni? Yeah! I know him! (I can't fully remember what he said, but I think he mentioned something about him being a guest teacher or something @ UTHSC)"
I thought that was pretty neat.

Well, you're looking great, your swelling doesn't look too bad at all. Take care!

Lori G. said...

You look great! I started my own blog. I am new to blogging. I think I could get hooked. Take care and please post any food ideas you have.

Michelle Verges said...

Rachel, you're looking fabulous! The swelling is minimal, I can hardly tell now. And I'm glad to know the nose bleeds are subsiding.

In other news, I had cream of wheat with bananas this morning. Probably not as spectacular as your recipe, but it was still good!


thewiredlife said...
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thewiredlife said...

wow, you look great! i can hardly tell you're swollen, even with the little "hook" ( i've got one too). glad to hear the nose bleeds have gone away too- those things drove me nuts!
-melissa (sorry, i forgot to leave my name last time!)

Michelle Verges said...

Hey Rachel,

So did you find my email address? It's mverges@iusb.edu just in case you missed it.

I think we're both kindred spirits - I saw an earlier post on your blog asking folks to sign up for a study on survey monkey. I thought maybe you were a psych major! Congrats on graduating this year. That's a great accomplishment!


Kristy Clucas said...

omg i cant believe how well u are doing and looking, im so jelous that my recovery didnt go as smoothly as you!!! Ur looking great, and u can already see the difference...also remaining positive as you are really helps