Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting there!

I saw Dr. Kunik today. It seems as though that really awesome band that I've had to wear across the front for the last five weeks worked. My midlines are lined up perfectly. So, now I just have to wear it at night to keep things that way. I'll have to go back to wearing it during the day if I notice that its slipping. Other than that, I just have one heavy band on the left side in triangle formation to get my teeth to touch a little more. I go back on October 20. If things look good, then they will take molds for my retainer and I'll get these things off two weeks after that. That would put me right at four months post op. Not too shabby. Just in time for the holiday parties!! So, I'm back to the countdown clock. Tentative de-bracing...t-minus six weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that my teeth comply with that!


Michelle said...

Sweet! That's excellent news!!!

I have a funny feeling I'll be sporting my braces through the holidays, come to think of it. Grr!

I'm also sporting a triangle formation. My midlines are lining up nicely, too. So I'm wearing them at night and whenever I don't have to teach, just to be on the safe side.

I think I will see my OD around mid-Oct, too. I promise to ask when these darn braces are coming off!


Katherine said...

Second that, great news.

holski said...

lucky duck!

Kiwikaren said...

Fantastic news!

Here's to your elastic working it's magick and your midlines staying good!