Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm free!

So, I got my braces off on Tuesday morning. It feels great!! I got to throw out all my bands, wax, food picks, super floss, and floss threaders. I have a feeling I'll be finding the bands in random places for awhile. I always seem to have at least a couple floating around somewhere. They are so sweet at Dr. Kunik's office. I was surprised with a cake, flowers, coffee/coffee thermos, and another cool t-shirt. It was like I won the orthodontic lottery or something! From there I went on to Dr. McCarty's office for my gum recontouring. I wasn't expecting to have so many shots in my gums! It took about an hour and made a huge difference. I'll take a close up this weekend when they aren't so red. I still have to go back on the 17th to get a little bonding on one of my front teeth. I also got to see my x-ray today with all my hardware. Here are before and after shots:



I couldn't believe how much that tooth on the top right of the x-ray came down and how deep the anchor for that implant is!! I'll post more pics after my night out on the town with some friends this weekend.


ummul said...

Rachel..., congratulation!
It's a long journey of jaw surgery.
Finally, you are free!

(I can't wait for my "free" of braces.)

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Kristy Clucas said...

we want smile close up pics!!!!!!!!!!!1 Congrats Rachel, im so happy for you, !!!! what a great end you look so beautiful!!!

Michelle said...

Holy smokes! Congratulations on becoming brace free!!! That's so awesome! And just in time for Christmas!