Tuesday, February 3, 2009


After seeing my dermotologist, she agreed that it was the stress on my body from the surgery that caused my hair to fall out. Dude, they should really put that in the pre-op notes! She told me that the Nioxin wasn't that effective and it would just take time. She thinks it will take a whole year for my hair to recover. Ugh. So, I think I'm going to chop it off the next time I get my hair cut just to make it lighter. I might even get some hi-lights again. This natural hair color thing is BORING!
So, for now I just keep taking all my vitamins and fish/flax oil. I can see new growth so I'm too freaked out. It is pretty scary for someone with thick hair have it come out by the handfuls...especially a girl! The falling out has slowed, so its just a matter of it growing back.

On another note...I suggest anyone who has any exposure to the sun to get a mole check. She found one mole that I have to get removed and two others that she's going to watch. Don't forget the sunscreen!


mcgee33 said...

Glad you got some answers on your hair loss. That has got to be a little freaky. I find it frustrating that stress causes acne, hair loss, sore muscles, etc... but try to relax when you have these stressful things! It just seems to feed on itself. Glad your hair is already growing back. That's very good news. By the way, when, after surgery, did you start losing your hair?

Rachel said...

It didn't start falling out until about two to three months after surgery. My dermo said that seemed normal.