Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My new driver's license finally came in. I think the top picture was taken at least seven years ago (definitely prior to all the jaw surgery/braces). I still can't believe the difference (or the hairdo I was sporting back then...ugh)!


Michelle said...

I'm still amused about that guy at the drivers' license office - funny how a total stranger noticed a difference in your appearance.

The new photo looks good - I was taken by you showing your teeth in the photo. The state of Indiana just passed a law that says we're not allowed to smile with our teeth showing. I know that sounds weird, but I think it has something to do with using some kind of technology in tracking faces - I guess it works better when people don't smile!

Well, that's enough randomness for one comment. I hope you're doing well!


momto5minnies said...

You look great ... what a change. I got my brand new license just 3 weeks prior to my jaw surgery. Braces and a wacked out jaw ... not so lovely looking of a picture.

Million Dollar $mile said...

Gorgeous. So happy you're happy with your results!

Anonymous said...

I can identify with your before photo because I looked something like that too.

I just had surgery 9 days ago and reading blog like this makes me look forward to my new life.

I am also going to change all my ID cards, including my passport to prevent any confusion!

Wilton said...

Aside from the improvement in your hair style (just kidding), I admire your new smile. It seems that you have been a good patient. I hope to have such before and after photos after my surgeries with my Miami, Florida dentists. They told me about my great improvement and the possible de-bracing early next year. However, I think there is also a need for veneers. Miami license would soon expire and I hope to have the license comparison just like yours.

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