Monday, April 7, 2008

Quick Question

Did any of you guys start a pre-op vitamin regime? I've been reading up on it a bit and plan on going to my little nutrition store this weekend to ask the owner. She and her husband know everything when it comes to herbs and vitamins. I've read that vitamin C & A, zinc, copper, and B complex promote healing while Arnica Montana and Bromelain (whatever that is) help reduce bruising and swelling. Did any of you take any of this before surgery and if so how early before? What about post-op? I've taken Vitamin E after having stitches in my lip and chin area and I healed super fast. Just thought I'd get everyone's opinion. I see my surgeon at the end of next month so I'll ask him too.
On another note, did any of you have issues with a heart murmur? I've read on some blogs that it freaks docs out and could postpone surgery. Mine isn't bad but its loud.

p.s. apparently I have a new found love for countdown clocks. I had to add another one for graduation since it's sneaking up quickly!


Heather said...

I have taken vitmin E after foot surgery to help with healing but that's it. For the heart murmer my sister has one and they do an EKG on her before she has anything done. My husband had open heart surgery as a child to repair a hole in his heart and had to see a cardiologist and take antibiotics before having surgery on his nose. Hope this helps.

Michelle said...

I have a heart murmer and soem other heart condition and they just do an EKG right before surgery.
Last time, my OS asked me to take garlic and echinacia but, at my pre-op appt. at the hospital they told me that the anesthesiologist would want me to stop taking all of that prior to surgery.

Kristy Clucas said...

vitamins, im sure it wouldnt hurt...bu i personally didnt do anything. As for the heart murmer, i too have one...i think its something that goes hand in hand, jaw surgery, u have a murmer as well, well reading from others blogs seems that way, lol. I wouldnt worry too much about it though!

Katherine said...

Definately do check with your OS, as some are highly in favour or taking supplement prior....and some, not so much. Just be specific with him about exactly what you want to take and get a yes/ no to each one as some will probably be AOK, and others might get the vetto.

I'm no health guru, but from what I've read I'm suprised that any surgeon would actually recommend garlic pre-surgery as it's often one of the things they insist you SHOULDN't take pre-op due to the blood thinning effect it can have. (That blew me, Michelle!)

Depending on the source (and everyone has their own opinion), arnica is another one that is great post-op, but not before, for the same reason as garlic. Bromelain is an enzyme most commonly found in pineapples, and there are folks who swear by the arnica/Bromelain combo post op.

Heehee, as soon as I have a CLUE I've got to get a coundown clock :)

Katherine said...

Oh, and the heart murmer, I agree with the other about the ekg.

I was born with one but it closed up on it's own, though because it's on record, the check it out prior every time...