Monday, June 30, 2008

One more day of solid food

I have definitely taken advantage of every chance that I have to enjoy my favorites before surgery (banana pancakes, BBQ, pizza from Rockin Tomato, lots of watermelon, and Vietnamese tmmw). I went and did last minute shopping tonight for Ensure, instant breakfast, soup, broth, etc. I also got all my meds filled. Geez, I look like a walking pharmacy! The pre-op physical went really well this morning. My blood pressure was suprisingly low. I hate hospitals so it is usually higher than normal. Not today though, cool as a cucumber. My bag is already packed. I have to be at the hospital at 6:30am on Wednesday. Then, its finally go time!! I'm kind of excited to get it over with. I have already convinced myself that recovery is going to be a breeze...


holski said...

Hey girl!
Your time is almost here! Will you be posting again before Wednesday? If not, good luck (you won't need it) and we'll all be thinking about ya!


Rachel said...

I'll squeeze my last post tonight. My mom is going to keep up with my blog for a day or two after that.

Katherine said...

Best of luck to you , Rachel, with your big day tomorrow! We'll be watching, waiting and rooting for you :)

Michelle Verges said...

I will be thinking of you tomorrow, Rachel. Your big day will also be my 1-week anniversary. I think the key word during the recovery period is patience - this is a virtue I am trying to embrace, anyway.

Keep your spirits up. Having a positive attitude is also important!