Friday, June 27, 2008

Last consulation

I had my last consultation with Dr. Q yesterday. He took out my molds that we made last week and I couldn't believe how much wider my mouth is compared to the molds I had done before I got braces on. It was weird! Anyway, he drew on the molds exactly where the cuts are going to be and went over all the problems that can happen (but we're hoping they don't). We looked over all the xrays again and he gave me all my prescriptions (5). Hopefully, I won't have any allergic reactions to the antibiotic because there is a slight chance that it will give me the same reaction that I get with penicillin. There are only a handful that I can take that don't make me break out in hives. I also got my "The Healing Jaw" book and Zip N Squeeze bags. I wish I would've known that I was getting those since I had already ordered a pack. I guess more can't hurt. There are a ton of great recipes in that book and most of the "dinners" are pretty simple so that should help a lot. He wants me to stay pretty active after I go home and said that as long as I don't mind being seen in public he really wants me to keep going to the gym to do the stationary bike or walk on the treadmill. I think I might just walk around the neighborhood depending on how beat up I look. The evenings aren't as hot so it will be fine. I wouldn't want to scare any small children at the gym! I'm still having a bit of anxiety, but who wouldn't? Dr. Q is really good and I feel totally comfortable with him , but it still is a big deal. I'm so ready to get it over with so I can move on and get over it! I am excited that I'll have time to start reading again. I haven't been able to read for fun in years because my nose was always in a textbook, but those days are over. Any suggestions for good murder mystery books? I haven't read any of my new magazines either. I'm dying to read my InStyle, but I just tucked it away so I can have it to read later. Other than that, things are pretty good. My whole family will in town this weekend so we're going to enjoy the weekend on the river. I can't wait. My mom has four sisters and three of them will here with their families and the other one will be here next week. We are quite the crowd when we're all together!
P.S. The hospital just called and informed me that I have to go in for pre-op physical. Ugh! I don't have time for all these appts! We are closing out the books on Monday at work so it is going to be crazy. At least it will help keep my mind off things...


y said...

Wow, I hope you can keep going to the gym and hop onto the treadmill after your op! I had trouble going p and down the strairs for at least 10 days, I was so tired... those surgeons are always so optimistic about recovery and energy levels.

I recommend 'The cabinet of curiosities' by Douglas Preston/lincoln Child.


Chriswin said...

Hi, I wish I would have known about this blog prior to my surgery. Dr. Quaroni performed both uppper and lower jaw surgery on me. He is fantastic and you are in great hands. My recovery was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I am sure your surgery will go great and hope you have an easy recovery.


Kam said...

I'm doing the same thing with the new books I ordered, keeping them on the shelf until after surgery.

Michelle Verges said...

I was 3-day post-op on yesterday and I took a walk in the neighborhood. Other than feeling weird about people looking at my swollen face, it felt good to be outside. Don't know about going to the gym so soon, though. I think you will want to take it easy the first few days. Good luck!