Monday, June 23, 2008

What to pack

I thought I was going to be really good and do all my shopping this weekend, but I went to the lake instead. Go figure... Anywhoo, I meant to ask what I need to pack to take to the hospital. I know they will have quite a bit of stuff there, but I'm sure there are some insider tips as to what comes in handy. I'll make sure to bring all my mindless comedies that I watch over and over (i.e. Accepted, The Sweetest Thing, and Old School) and my gossip magazines (my guilty pleasure). 8 days to go. Geez, that makes my stomach hurt when I see that I'm down to single digits!


holski said...

Hey Rachel,
In the healing jaw guide that came with my zip n squeeze order, here is what they suggest for the hospital visit:

1. Paper, pen, clipboard or dry erase board for communication.
2. Lip Balm. (I used Vaseline, but they say the medicated ones are better)
3. Hand mirror. (Don't forget this! I used it ALL the time to find my mouth with the syringe!)
4. Slippers with good grips and a robe.
5. Face cleanser and moisturizer.
6. Pajama bottoms.
7. mp3 player.
8. Reading materials.
9. Zip n Squeeze bags. (Some people love these. I still can't use them!)

Here are some other things I used at the hospital:

1. baby toothbrush. (well, I tried)
2. soft wash cloth.

I will keep thinking!

y said...

I would add anything that you get find to help you clean your nose. I used very soft tissue and a special nosespray thing (not to be sparayed up the nose, but onto the tissue). Breathing was definitely the hardest thing in the world for about 3 days - and nights.

I would second the hand mirror- I also used it for looking up my nostrils!

a good face moisturizer that you don't need to rub in. Actually, I ended up using vaseline on my chin, it was so dry!

Best of luck; I'll be folowing your progress.


y said...

Oh, and a pen and pad !

I'm keeping the one I usede in hospital, some of the stuff I wrote when I was still drugged makes me laugh.


Michelle Verges said...

Great list, Holski!

I wonder if I can do some knitting while I'm in the hospital. Maybe I can make a scarf if I'm not too drugged by the medications!