Thursday, July 31, 2008

Almost 1 month down...

I went to see Dr. Q again today. Everything is looking great. He told me that I could start putting my bands on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. That means I can put them on late at night and then take them off once I get to work. It sure will help with people asking me "so when do you get to take off all those bands?" with their scrunched face look. He also told me that I could keep eating more and more solid food. I figure if it hurts, then I just spit it out because obviously I'm not ready. This is probably another reason why I'm not a huge fan of eating in public. I tend to have bits of random food fly out of my mouth because of the bands too. Let me tell you, its pretty hot. I have regained feeling in my cheeks finally. Its probably all that aggressive facial massaging. I love using my apricot facial scrub when I massage my cheeks but it sure does make it look like I scrubbed off a couple of layers of skin by the time I'm done. However, my skin is super smooth from it! So, I don't see him for another three weeks and by then I'm hoping that we can take my "after" x rays so I can compare the two. I told my mom just the other day that its going to be pretty sad when this is all over with. I really like my surgeon, my ortho, and all the their office staff. Geez, I've been seeing them for over a year now pretty frequently. I sure will miss getting to chat with all of them.
Speaking of being done with my doctors, I asked Dr. Q in his opinion how much longer he thought I would have braces. I promised I wouldn't take it as something in stone but he said he didn't think I would need them for that much longer. I'm not sure what that would constitute as but Dr. Kunik, I know you read my blog so you can be sure that the question is coming at my appt in two weeks. I'll wear double wires if I have to get these babies off! So, that's all for now. I'm going on a road trip to Arkansas this weekend for Clay's grandpa's 90th birthday. I'll have lots of new pics when I get back.


Kam said...

Ah, congrats!
I'm really curious about new x-rays and stuff like that, too. I'm so curious to know what all is going on in my face.
(The "it's pretty hot" comment made me laugh- ouchie! ;D)

Kam said...

No, I haven't really been any cold/heat packs lately. I find they cause me more discomfort at this point, trying to keep them on my face.

lotti said...

Hi Rachel,
this is Lotti. I am going to join the club of the "post jaw surgery" people soon (next Wednesday, the 6th). I was looking at your post-surgery pictures and your healing process is going very well and very fast. I was wondering if you have any good trick to give me on how to fasten up the haling process. I have just started my blog too. If you want to give a look at it this is the link: thank you

Lori G. said...


You look fantastic! My computer has been down and it's great to catch up with your recovery process.