Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lady of the Lake

I was back on the lake yesterday! Its a big deal for those of you that know me. Clay and I are quite the lake rats during the summer, so not being able to go has been the pits. We braved the heat yesterday with some friends and hit Lake Travis. The water was a little choppy at first, but I just made sure my teeth didn't knock together over big wakes and Clay didn't go too fast. We found a nice quiet cove to hang out and swim. It felt great. It was so nice to be back! We stopped at our favorite lake spot Cafe Bleu which was perfect since they have nice and mushy crabcakes that were awesome. Their killer mojitos aren't a bad addition either!


y said...

Crabcakes sound FANTASTIC.(But then again, any mention of food other than soup gets me going.) So great that you could go swimming!


Michelle said...

That mojito sure sounds good, too. Glad you're back in your element!!


Stephanie said...

So good to hear that you are back doing the things you love to do!

Million Dollar $mile said...

Good to hear ... and thanks for your previous check in with me ... I actually don't know how to respond (new to blogging), but status SHOULD be more clear this week. Ugh. Thanks!

Katherine said...

Your posts contain a nice mix of the practical and the personal. Thanks for taking time out to share your progress. You have no idea how awesome it has been to read about your surgery/recovery. My docs here in SC are good, but they don't have a lot of before & after's of folks with similar jaw issues. Most of the pics I have seen are Class IIIs.

You look so pretty & happy (though you did before, too!). I hope you're pleased with the results.

Of the changes surgery has made, what has taken the most getting used to?
-katherine in SC