Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 23 post op

Sorry I missed the official three week mark on Wednesday. I can't believe I'll be post op one month in no time! Even though I had graduated to "meatloaf consistency" on Tuesday, that hasn't been an easy feat. By blending all my food before, I had it pre-chewed. So, by integrating some solids and still not being able to chew all that well has led to a lot of indigestion. I've been emailing back and forth with my mom and Michelle on ideas of what to eat. I've resorted to going back to blending for now. I don't liquefy it, just chop it up a little. I did have some homemade raisin bread and scrambled egg whites for breakfast this morning which was a nice change from the oatmeal (even though I love it). I think I pushed it at lunch when I ordered a chicken wrap from the cafe down the street. Some of the chicken was okay and moist, but the dry pieces mostly got pushed to the side. The tortilla was soggy enough that it made it down okay. Dinner was blended chicken and rice casserole which is always good. My energy level is back to the way it was before surgery or better. I sleep so much harder now that I can breathe through my nose. I actually get to go into a really deep sleep at nice. That probably explains the really weird dreams. This is first time I have to use an alarm clock! I feel refreshed in the morning and no longer drink all. Don't need it. This experience has really changed my life. I can smile as big as I can and still have little to no gum showing. I added a new profile picture as well as from the front to my album. Man, if you compare the profile from before and after surgery, my chin looks like it got totally lopped off!! And that's a good thing! I still have numbness in my gums, upper lip, and around my nose. I have really been doing my lip stretches and facial massages aggressively. I'm starting to feel shoots of tingles through those areas which means things are healing. I love to feel them, then I know its getting better.
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Aimee said...

You look amazing!

y said...

I like the idea of 'aggressive face massage', it's an interesting oxymoron.. :-)
It sounds like you're doing really well foodwise. And you DO look amazing!


Michelle said...

You look like a million bucks, Rach!

Turns out, we had the same thing for dinner last night. Thanks so much for sharing that recipe with me. Hopefully, you'll put that on our sister blog! It really was so good!


Stephanie said...

Rachel, I just came across your blog, and your recovery and results have been amazing. I can't believe how quickly your swelling has gone down. I will be having upper, lower and genio on September 9th, and I can only hope for similar results. I have added glutamine to my list of things I need to by. Can I ask what dose you took?