Monday, June 9, 2008

Starting to stock up

The big day is only three weeks from Wednesday. It's creeping up on me fast. My Zip N Squeeze bags showed on Satuday. The straws on them look kinda thin, but I guess you aren't supposed to be eating anything too thick anyway. I bought a ton of Vaseline lip balm and have started to collect lots of soup recipes. I think it will be easier to make them ahead of time and put them in Mason jars so I don't have to worry about it later. Soup just doesn't sound to appealing right now since its so dang hot. My doctor told me that key to a liquid diet is variety and to try to stay away from too much sweet stuff. I think if I get some Muscle Milk that will keep me on track for protein and then have a lot of blended soups. I know some of you had lists of things to get beforehand on your blogs so I'll have to go back and take a look. I've got to get my little dry erase board so sure. I'm trying be to as prepared as possible so I don't get nervous at the last minute.


Katherine said...

Wow, does time ever march! You sound like you're feeling prepared...gotta love a game plan to keep you busy in the meantime :)

Oy, hear ya with the soup in summer. Might want to do a test run but there's some that are quite nice cold, too (cold pumpkin soup~ Yum!)

Brennan said...

Hey, I just wanted to share some of me and Holly's experiences with blended food. At first we were thinking along the same lines as you, soup, soup, more soup, etc... Which is good, at first at least! But Hol isn't the biggest soup fan in the world either. Last night for example we got take out chicken fajitas, and yes, it WILL blend. Some chicken, veggies, cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and some water = fajitas soup!! Anything to get a different taste in your mouth or make your belly feel full. So I'd say pick your favorite meal and make it happen! You can make anything liquid enough with milk, water, or chicken broth, and some protein powder or pasteurized eggs for more nutrition. Strain and serve! I mean, it doesn't look too appetizing to me, but Holly loves it!

Michelle said...

Sounds to me, like we're going to have to get creative Rachel.
I'm sure, I would never have thought to blend fajitas.
Hopefully Brennan keeps the ideas coming!
I keep forgetting to pick up a small white board. I have been stocking up on broth though. I have to get on it, and start preparing some soups. You're right, at 90 plus degrees, who wants to make/eat soup.

Heather said...

I just wanted to let you know that I just ate some potato salad the other day. You can actually blend it with milk and it will taste really good. I have an awesome recipe if you're interested. You can eat just about anything if you can add liquid to it and blend it just like Brennan said. It sounds like you are very prepared for this and ready to go.

Chris K said...

If you've never really been on a Muscle Milk regiment I recommend you try some before you go full bore. I found it really upsets my stomach. I like CytoGainer but there are tons of different protein/calorie boosters out there. Try a bunch. Like food, you'll enjoy as much variety as you can get.