Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So close, yet so far

I went in for my last check before de-bracing just to make sure it all looked okay. I had almost convinced myself that he would look and say, yup they are great and take them off. That didn't happen. This will be the longest week ever! Only about six days to go. I also scheduled my gum recontouring for the same day so I'll have big, naked teeth in no time!

I wish you all and your families I happy Thanksgiving. May you all have a safe holiday.


Kam said...

I can't wait to see your new smile!

I'm considering the gum recontouring, too. Since my smile is a little gummy, but my OS wants me to wait at least 2 years until doing anything. (I hate waiting!!)

Anyway, I waas wondering, is your insurance covering any of the gum recontouring?

Katherine said...

Rachel, you know we are so jealous! Now you'll know to bring in your camera next week and maybe some balloons for the staff. Something to say thanks to all they've done.

Hey, here's a couple of questions. At this point, has all your swelling gone down? Are you back to your exercise routines? I have no idea when that kind of stamina returns after jaw surgery. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Well ... did you get them off?? We are dying to know and see the new, naked teeth!!